Delicious Thai Food

Can delicious food still be good for you? In Thailand, yes! Come to Thailand and experience a whole new world of healthy culinary delights! Visually breathtaking spreads of hundreds of authentic Thai side dishes and entres await you.

Thai food

With a personal culinary Bangkok tour guide, you can embark on adventures of taste and explore the world of yummy treats that Thailand has to offer.

Thai Food Tour

The Inquirer has a great article from Norma O. Chikiamco about a Thai-Food trip that the author did last year through Thailand. Some of my personal favourites are:

Tamnanpar, a restaurant set in the midst of Rayong’s lush tropical forest. The restaurant is like a secret hideaway that seems to have sprouted by itself among the surrounding trees. The tables and chairs are made of polished wood, while the columns that hold up the roof are actually tree trunks. Swans glide gracefully on the ponds that act like a catch basin for the water winding down through a path of rocks.

I had eaten in this restaurant a few years back and was glad to discover that the food was still as good as I remembered it to be. The roasted duck was golden brown and crisp, and made more vibrant by a honey-flavored dip. The fresh prawns with a light curry sauce were cooked to perfect doneness, and for dessert there were sweet, juicy pineapples, star fruits, dragon fruits and bananas the color of morning sunlight.

That makes me want to try it next time I’m in Rayong!

He also mentions what he calls a “Disneyland of Fruits”:

The fruits came from the nearby Suphattra Land, a 380-acre plantation that one might well describe as the Disneyland of fruits. Here we were taken on a tram ride past 28 kinds of fruit trees, such as the spiky dragon fruit, passion fruit entwined on a trellis and large rose apples, or what we know as macopa.

I’d definitely like to go on a ride with that train 🙂 Specially since the passengers also get served an “all you can eat” fruit buffet.

He finishes by writing about the Or-tor-Kor market, where he experienced yet another abundance of fruits, although this time amidst a city-setting.