Thailand The Smile Land

Thailand is  in Southeastern Asia area. It’s small country. There are 64 million people in the country. They are Thai, Chinese, Malay. The country’s official language is Thai. Before other country know Thailand is Smile of land. Because the people are kindness, friendly  and sincere  also. If  you go to visit Thailand you easy to see beautiful smile from the people.

The weather in Thailand have 3 season , Rainy season : May – October.

Summer Season : March – May , Winter Season : November, February. Only southern of Thailand have only two season rainy and summer.

The location is hot in the summer, it’s wet in the rainy season and cold in the winter season ( Bangkok has only hot or hotesto

If we talk about Thailand the people have to think of the nice beach, mountain, water fall, festival and nice culture ext . Thailand have many tourist come to visit all the time. They happy and enjoy so much during they are here. Some body if they ever come and see about Thailand even they know about the people then they have come back to visit again.

Some body they would like also come to stay here for long time. It’s easy for living. Thai food also is every delicious , but it’s spicy for foreigner. The most they have healthy food.  If you have chance come to Thailand you should to try eat food then you will love a lot.

Thailand is a country of  ancient traditions, have many beautiful temples  each region have the nice tradition and festival , Songkran Festival (Every Region), Yee Peng Festival or Loy Krathong Festival ( Northern), Rocket Festivals, or Boon Bang Fais, The beautiful Candle Festival, Pee Ta Khon Festival (Northeastern) ,Vegetarian Festival (Southern).