Bun Bung Fai Rocket Festival

Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival is celebrate every year in the sixth or seventh lunar month ( May) , It’s popular celebrated at Yasothon Province in Northeastern of Thailand. It’s beginning of rainy season and the farmer ready to planting for the rice.They  worshiped with fire, They make the rocket send to the heavens to impress to the god can hear and help them with plentiful rain for rice cultivation.

The rockets, they have to prepare or make for one -two month then decoration  is colorful before the actual event. Some rocket is nine meters and carries the gunpowder is 20-25 kilograms.Most they decoration the rocket must more fun and the head of rocket like “Naka”

Before the rockets were made from natural  materials, but these days they have developed the rocket into a form of a competition with prizes for the the biggest rocket, best explosion, greatest distance etc.

On the festival day the rocket’s parade the villagers will dress up in colorful ,playing, dancing. There are competition of parade too.

The rocket that go to the sky greatest height is declared the winner. The owner of the rocket dance and cheer. If whose rocket that not go to the sky, failed to fly or broken, They will catch the owner rocket and throw in the mud.

However they wishes and believe this festival help promote harmony among the villagers.

Sonkran Festival

Songkran Festival is the tradition Thai New Year. Songkran is come from Sanskrit is mean movement or change.

Songkran Festival start on April 13  – 15 every year and it’s national holiday in Thailand. It’s also is family day.

Songkran Festival use the water pour together , pouring and prayer to  elder for lucky, happiness. So most the people have  go back to home on Songkran Festival and it’s attention to the tourist come to see this custom.

Activity that you can do on Songkran Festival :

– Offer food to the monks.

– Pouring water onto a Buddha image.

– Pouring water to the elder or teacher that show respect to them for lucky and happiness.

– set birds or fish  free for good luck.

– Build sand castle.

There are also important celebrations through the country  for tourist destinations:

– In Bangkok the event is held on the 10 – 15 of April. In Rattanakosin Island district, Kao San Road.

– Norther Songkran Festival ( Lanna Songkran) : Songkran Festival, Sukhothai,  Songkran Festival ,Chiang Mai.

– Northeastern Songkran Festival :  Fantastic Northeast Songkran, Golden Shower Tree and ‘Kan’ Festival    and Sticky Rice Road in Khon Kaen,  Grand Northeast Songkran Festival, Nong Khai, Songkran Nakhon Phnom and Thai-Lao New Year Celebration.

– Southern Songkran Festival :  Grand Songkran Festival and ‘Nang Dan’ Parade, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkran on the Beach and Phuket Bike , Hat Yai Midnight Songkran at Songkhla.

– Central Songkran Festival : Phra Pradaeng Songkran Festival, Samut Prakarn, Amazing Songkran, Suphan Buri, Old City Songkran Festival, Ayutthaya.

– Songkran Festival, Chon Buri.

Bang Nam Pueng Floating Marketing

Bang Nam Pueng is part of Bangkok at Phrapradaeng District , Samutprakarn Provice. It’s close Bangkok.

Bang Nam Pueng is from the project of Bang Nam Pung official and the people there. They have agreement that want to make the floating market is an important point of sell for OTOP (OTOP is product from the knowledge of local people use something that have in their area or recycle, then make it’s useful , high quality for example herbs, food, some drink, souvenir, fragrant incense, chili paste, flowers made from scale of fish etc.

They also sell the fruit from their farm, vegetables. There are art corner for painting. You can rent to boat 20 baht per hour follow the canal.

If you walk around the market until tried, then you can get  massage from them. The price is cheap, you will feel good and relax too.

There are home stay for the people that they want to sleep overnight. Some house is on Chao Pra Ya River or Tradition Thai house is more than 100 years old.You can choose which one you do like to stay ?

They also can learn their living , eat delicious food or you can join to cooking with them also. Tomorrow in the  morning they can offer food to the monks. Even you can do activity such as cycling around Bang Nam Pueng and  night time you rent the boat to see firefly follow the Chao Pra Ya River, Then  you  can see the Industrial Ring Bridge.

Their main policy is integrated Eco tourism a unique of sufficient economy and learning Mon life, it’s suited to visit and buying food and product that is important of Bang Nam Pueng.

How you get to Bang Nam Pueng ?

– You can take the bus number 138, 140 , 82  from Bangkok to Bangna Intersection, Sanphawut Road , Then you take the boat across Chao Pra Ya River to Bang Nam Pueng Nok or Bang Nam Pueng Nai, After that take the motorbike taxi go to floating market

– You can drive the car go to Bangna – Daw Kra Nong high way and turn left to Suksawat , go straight to Phrapradaeng intersection and turn left , Then turn left to Phetchhueng Road about 5 kilometer , then go to Phetchhueng 26 , Then you can stop at parking and see Bang Nam Pueng floating market.

Bang Nam Pueng open on the weekend at 7.00 a.m. – 15.00 p.m.

Contract : Tel 01-171-4930 or 02- 819-6762


There is a new floating market Amphawa at Samutsongkam Province and on the Amphawa canel. It’s 63 kilometer from Bangkok. You can take the care about half hour from Bangkok to go there.

Before most life on the canal and use the canal for washing, fishing, using, or shower. After that the government officials after they retried then they began to sell food or souvenirs.

From a few shops. And started sell more shop and they are come to join to sell on the Amphawa canal  together until became the evening market. Noe they open at 3.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Some seller is old already but they still to sell until now. They sell is  very cheap and there are a lot of delicious food , noodle, mango sticky rice, Wangsaeng cofee, coconut Amphawa, spring roll, pomelo, lychee,  special Thai dessert etc.

They also have home stay that you can join with the owner house, see how they are  living and see the view bamboo house the both side of the canal.

Activity that you can do at Amphawa floating market that  you can offer food the monk in the morning , cycling, take the boat to see firefly or take the boat to see the fruit farm and gardener. They have a choice for you to choose what you would like to go , which temple do you want to see ?

Amphawa is attention of  a self-sufficient, The house is  for hundreds of years old and they have beautiful culture. That it’s  of UNSEEN IN THAILAND.

Transportation : You can drive the car about half hour from Bangkok to go there  or take the bus (Bangkok – Samutsongkram)from South Terminal Station 05.40 a.m. – 21.00 p.m.


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. We known in Thai as Krung Thep Mahanakhorn. Before the foreigner know of Bangkok name is Siam.

The Chao Pra Ya River is long river from Norther pass Bangkok until the gulf of Thailand. That is climate of Bangkok that make the tourist like to do activity with Chao Pra Ya River, Cruise follow the Chao Pra Ya river or take the boat look around the both side of Chao Pra Ya River.

Bangkok is the economic , transportation , education , communication center of Thailand . Many people from each region move to Bangkok, and even the foreigner also.

Bangkok the city’s have visitors come to visit every year, Because there are many beautiful place such as the temples, Wat Prakaew, Wat Po, Wat Arun, Wat Trinimit, Wat Suthat, Wat Benchamabophit.etc,

Bangkok is center of  Air Transportation , Because have Suvarnaphumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport, There are modern transportation such as  BTS , MRT , It’s make the people is convenience for go to work or go to some where in the town.  They also have Taxi, Tuk-Tuk,bus , Motobike Taxi, train and Boat Taxi . That you can choose which one is comfortable for you.

Bangkok havre many place for to shopping for example  Siam Paragon, MBK, Central World, (For the people like to buy brand name and comfortable to shopping but the price is very expensive) , if the people like to buy some thing is cheap price or if you can buy wholesale then you can get the cheap price, you can go to  Chachujak Market (The weekend market) , Platinuim Mall, Panthip, Saunlum Night Plaza. That place you can look for the clothes, handmake,bags, shoes, etc.

Bangkok is crowded with entertainment place  that the tourist can go to hang out in the night time,  RCA, Ratcha soi 4, Sukhumvit, Silom, Thong Lor, Kaset Navamin Road etc.

Thailand The Smile Land

Thailand is  in Southeastern Asia area. It’s small country. There are 64 million people in the country. They are Thai, Chinese, Malay. The country’s official language is Thai. Before other country know Thailand is Smile of land. Because the people are kindness, friendly  and sincere  also. If  you go to visit Thailand you easy to see beautiful smile from the people.

The weather in Thailand have 3 season , Rainy season : May – October.

Summer Season : March – May , Winter Season : November, February. Only southern of Thailand have only two season rainy and summer.

The location is hot in the summer, it’s wet in the rainy season and cold in the winter season ( Bangkok has only hot or hotesto

If we talk about Thailand the people have to think of the nice beach, mountain, water fall, festival and nice culture ext . Thailand have many tourist come to visit all the time. They happy and enjoy so much during they are here. Some body if they ever come and see about Thailand even they know about the people then they have come back to visit again.

Some body they would like also come to stay here for long time. It’s easy for living. Thai food also is every delicious , but it’s spicy for foreigner. The most they have healthy food.  If you have chance come to Thailand you should to try eat food then you will love a lot.

Thailand is a country of  ancient traditions, have many beautiful temples  each region have the nice tradition and festival , Songkran Festival (Every Region), Yee Peng Festival or Loy Krathong Festival ( Northern), Rocket Festivals, or Boon Bang Fais, The beautiful Candle Festival, Pee Ta Khon Festival (Northeastern) ,Vegetarian Festival (Southern).