Thai Massage

Thai massage practitioners can be male or female but the majority are fermale. The must be trained and certified. The massage is done on a mattress on the floor or bed. Clients wear loose clothes and oil is not use except for foot massage.

The massage beings after the masseuse pays respect to the hermit  and her teachers. There are two styles of traditional Thai massage : The court style in which the masseuse use only thumbs and the commoner’s style in which thumbs, knees, elbows and feet are used. The masseuse works from the feet up. After a few presses, the client will be asked whether the pressure is too hard or too soft. The main energy lines will be pressed to activate or unblock the energy flow. Muscles are also stretched to reduce stress and tension. A massage session lasts about two hours and finishes with the neck and head massage. A through foot massage can be conducted separately if the client requires a special treatment for the feet.

Foot massage is adopted from the Chinese art of healing. It is believed that sensory nerves of the internal organs are rooted at the sole of the feet. The masseuse will press at the points where the internal organs  are rooted using a wooden stick.


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