Mu Ko Surin Island National Park

Mu Ko Surin Island National Park , for many years Mu Ko Surin was an unspoiled group of islands, acting as a refuge for fishing boats during storms and hosting small communities of sea gypsies. In this situation the islands provoked little interest and for a long time were recorded as a National Forest Reserve by the Royal Forest Department, But on 30th December 1971 the National Committee on Wild Animal Reservation and Protection suggested that the islands should become a wildlife sanctuary.  An alternative plan then proposed to develop the islands as a Vietnamese refugee camp. This idea was rejected as it was realized that the trans location and support of so many people in such a fragile enviroment, would soon result in damage to the islands pristine land and marine habitats.

Mu Ko Surin National park is situated in the Andaman sea approximately 60 km for the Coast of Phang Nga province in the southern peninsula region.The park covers an area of approximately 135 km2. of the protectd area 102 km2. Ku Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai are large islands and are situated on a north south axis. A few kilometers to the north of the park is the Myanmar border and about 100 kilometers to the south is Mu Ko Similan National Park.

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  1. Very nice. I’ve been trying to incorporate history into my blogs (which is a lot of work) in the last several months because I feel it “completes” visits to cities and seeing just places feel largely incomplete. :->

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