Wat Khuhaphimuk Temple

Wat Khuhaphimuk Temple or Wat Na Tham, this temple is one of the three most revered places of the south, along with Phra Borommathat at Nakhon Si Thammarat and Phra Borommathat Chaiya at Surat Thani, signifying the importance of Buddhism in the area since the Srivijaya period. This temple is located in Tambon Na Tham, about 8 kilometers from the city, on the road to Amphoe Yaha, A stream runs through the ground of the temple. A figure of a giant, made in B.E. 2484 and named by the villagers as Chao Khao, protects the entrance of the cave that house the reclining Buddha image. Inside the cave is a large chamber that has been converted into a religious are, with an opening in the rood of the cave that lets in the sunlight. The reclining Buddha has been estimated to have been made in B.E. 1300, around the Srivijaya period that is 81 feet and one inch long. It is believed that the sculpture was in the Sleeping Narai posture but later modified into the Hinayana reclining Buddha.

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